Simon Bingham on BIM at Tower of London Conference

Simon Bingham, Caunton Engineering's Managing Director, was invited by the Steel Construction Institute to speak at a recent conference at The Tower of London, no less.
The theme was design team integration. The growth and development of BIM (Building Information Modelling) has put great emphasis on collaboration within the construction supply chain. This collaboration is specifically between the professional team; the various trade contractors and the project leader of course, be that a main contractor or even in fact the client. Understanding this was very much the aim of the conference. Caunton, very much a pioneer in 3D- modelling, the lynch-pin of BIM, nevertheless were flattered that Simon was invited to represent the structural steelwork industry, alongside John Roberts a director of Atkins and chair of Atkins Structural Network, himself a leader in design team integration methods. Simon’s presentation is published on YouTube.
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