Caunton helps in developing a major site safety improvement

Caunton Engineering have been working in partnership with Dawson Construction Plant Ltd. to develop a new shackle for lifting steelwork.
Dawson are a well known major supplier of construction equipment perhaps best known for piling equipment. The shackle itself has a quick release feature which allows steel beams to be erected safely with the shackle then being removed without having the erector access it directly. Other features include speed of attachment and release and a positive fixing via a pin passing through a pre-drilled hole in the beam. The greatest benefits of this brand new idea are in speeding the erection process and in enhancing safety on site. Both these features are appreciated by construction clients of course. Caunton has concentrated over the years on increasing safety on site for their own employees, other sub-contractors and the general public, and the new shackle helps with this determination. The shackle is presently being marketed by Dawson and looks to be a winner. For more information contact our Sales Department

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