Caunton helping in rebuilding the new Derby

Caunton Engineering is working on a major residential development in the heart of Derby - see photograph. This project by Thomas Fish and Sons Ltd is a development of the former Thomas Bridgett Mills buildings in Brook Street and will comprise four storey apartment blocks. Thomas Fish is using steelwork for the framing of the apartments as speed and flexibility is vital within this restricted city site. Caunton are employing the imaginative and up-to-date Slimflor construction method. This enables the steel frame to minimise floor depths to help keep the building height to a minimum. This building concept is being promoted by Corus (the former British Steel) aiming to capture market share from other competing and more traditional framing materials. Competition thus is yielding cost and speed benefits to the community in the long run. The photograph shows construction well under way and with the final stages of steelwork under construction by Caunton's steelwork erectors. The project itself is a design and build contract by Caunton for major East Midlands contractor Thomas Fish. Local companies working together helping to build the new Derby.
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