Development of Steelbricks

In November 2014 Caunton Engineering announced on its web site a new exciting project . Caunton Pioneers Steel Brick Walls to Transform Nuclear Construction

We are pleased to report that good progress has been made and the project is now showing tangible results, here is an official report giving details of progress at October 2016. click here to read the October progress report

The progress report identifies our progress to date for each of the relevant Work Packages (WPs) and progress has been made on those up to WP14.

The work packages are as follows-

WP1 - Basis of Structural design method – Completed
WP2 - Preparation of a preliminary design of the Diesel Ultine Secours building (DUS) – Completed
WP3 - Manufacturing trial to optimise technology – Completed
WP4 - Perform Workshop erection trials to refine component manufacturing and erection, and use in concreting trials – work has been going on throughout the summer on this work package
WP5 - Design Suitable Concrete mixes suitable for use in SC (steel concrete)construction – Completed
WP6 - Perform concreting trials on panels and sub-assemblies -this is complete now, with work carried out throughout the summer
WP7 - Concreting of SteelBrick walls and floors and then dismantling of concrete slabs -this is ongoing
WP8 - Refine the approach to design detailing concreting and dismantling – this is ongoing
WP9 - Detail design of diesel generator building – this is ongoing
WP10 - Prepare BIM/3D model of the building and prepare detailed fabrication drawings – this is ongoing
WP12 - Prepare construction site and build foundations – much progress has been made throughout the summer and good photographs of progress can be viewed in the report
WP14 - Presentation samples in readiness for site visits –again these have been manufactured and photographs shown in the report.

Again we are pleased to report that good progress has been made so far.
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