COVID 19 – Business Update to Customers

We want to assure our clients and stakeholders that, although we are working through some challenging times, we remain fully operational to service our customers’ needs.

We have a proud 50 year history and have overcome many challenges over these years. We are in a robust financial position and remain optimistic about our long-term future and are well placed to face this most recent set of challenges. We have no long term debt, a healthy year end positive cash position and a strong balance sheet.

Caunton Engineering are continuously monitoring the potential impact of Coronavirus and are making the necessary preparations to ensure our operations continue, our employees remain safe and healthy and we take all possible measures to help mitigate the effects to our customers.

While we continue to follow measures set by the World Health Organisation and the UK Government, we are already taking precautions including;

  • Limiting travel and meetings

  • Strict hygiene procedures

  • Contingency planning for key operational areas to ensure Health & Safety and continuity of supply to our customers.

  • Regular communication with key suppliers

In addition to these measures, we have also actioned the following;

  • Our factory process lines have been isolated into 7 independent teams working on different shift patterns. Should we have a case of COVID-19 within our works, this will help to reduce the impact significantly. As part of this measure we have opened up moth-balled facilities to provide enhanced welfare facilities. This allows us to fully segregate our workforce.

  • We are working closely with all of our suppliers to gain daily updates. We have a long established supply chain, which we have supported consistently over the decades. These relationships have helped to prioritise our needs as a customer.

  • Significantly, we have invested in our consumables to ensure that we have a minimum stock level to last for the next 6-12 months. This includes PPE equipment, welding wire, gasses etc.

  • We have worked closely with our bolt suppliers to reserve/stock standard bolt assemblies.

  • We have worked closely with our paint suppliers to reserve/stock paint material.

  • Our manufacturing site is located on a Greenfield development away from any cities, with the majority of our workforce commuting from local towns and villages. Commuting is generally by car, bike and walking and does not rely on public transport. In the event of a lockdown of a city this should have little effect on our operational capacity.

  • We have a number of staff that have been remote workers from home for many years and so our systems are well set-up to handle remote working. Additionally, our home working systems have been trialled and tested to ensure they can handle the full capacity of our teams. All of our systems are controlled through a central knowledge share hub, which allows remote working and links together our sites, accounts, factory and technical departments.

We continue to work with our supply chain partners and at present are managing movement and delivery of materials as normal.

If we can in anyway assist you with further information, or if you require assistance on any of your ongoing projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be providing updates to our customers if anything changes.
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