Community Work

The Mural

Caunton hatched a scheme to commission a mural that represented the transformation from Colliery and coal mining to an Industrial Park and a woodland walk. The mural is adjacent to Caunton House offices.

Again working with the local authorities with regard to planning and with one of the local colleges, New College Basford, Karl Mocha former Chairman of Caunton Engineering designed the mural and oversaw the students executing it.

Caunton's apprentices restore a colliery wheel

Caunton's apprentices have refurbished an old colliery wheel which, erected by Caunton’s erection department, acts as a focal point for activities at a local beauty spot called Colliers Wood.

Today a new thriving trading estate surrounds the ever expanding Caunton facilities and the surrounding area has been reconstituted into attractive farmland and countryside. One particular area within this is Colliers Wood. The Friends of Colliers Wood, are creating a new activity area within the woodland scene. Part of this area interestingly will feature most appropriately a colliery wheel which had been rescued from the local Calverton colliery.

Caunton take their corporate social responsibility very seriously. The company is pleased therefore to have been able to contribute to the improvement and enhancement of the local area to the benefit of local residents in particular.

University Work

Caunton Engineering is a company that recognizes and values engineering excellence and innovation. Caunton have supported the University of Nottingham for well over ten years. In addition to sponsoring the end of year design projects we are actively engaged in providing student mentoring services, engineering advice to the University and the students, and guest lecturing, all of which has allowed Caunton Engineering to build up a strong collaborative relationship. We look forward to supporting this arrangement in the future and are proud to be playing a part in developing the next generation of engineers.

Moorgreen Development

Moorgreen Industrial Park was born from the ashes of British Coal’s Moorgreen Colliery. Moorgreen colliery was opened in 1865 and grew over many years to its peak of coal production in 1963, when it produced 1 million tonnes of coal in a single year. In 1985 the doors finally closed after some 120 years of mining during which time it had been the primary source of economic income for local residents. Coal mining was a very dangerous occupation and over the 120 years of production it is estimated that over 70 brave coal miners lost their lives undertaking the arduous work of mining coal.

After the colliery closed in 1985 the pit head and winding headstock was eventually demolished in 1987 leaving only the National Workshops and associated buildings. These sat eerily vacant save for a single security watchman. In 1989 Caunton Engineering purchased the site from The National Coal Board and moved their steel fabrication business from Kirkby In Ashfield to Moorgreen. At that time Caunton employed 74 people.

Over the ensuing years a great deal of effort and resource has been put in by a collective of both public and private bodies working in a collaborative manner to rejuvenate Moorgreen into what we have today. Some 30 years after first moving to Moorgreen, Caunton and associated companies has invested over £24m in buildings, plant and equipment enabling the Park and the businesses located there to grow and thrive. It is estimated that in 2019 there are over 1,000 people working at the Park and Caunton themselves now employs over 270 people – nearly 200 more than it did when it first moved to the site in 1989. It is clear evidence that when private and public bodies work closely together huge positive economic progress can be achieved.

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