Caunton on Prime Time TV

Caunton’s Academy was feature on BBC1’s The Politics Show on Sunday the 18th November. The programme was investigating how industry will accommodate the enormous growth in apprentices - with 250,000 nationally now and up to 500,000 planned in the future. Caunton’s Academy trains five craft apprentices at any one time and it was felt by the show’s production team the company is a good example to other manufacturers.

The programme featured two companies’ experiences – the other Rolls–Royce. R-R is in another league to Caunton of course, as they train 250 apprentices at any one time. But we both have the same problems, so the programme said – attracting good people and then meeting the expense.

The programme featured interviews with MD Simon Bingham, HR Manager Jacquie Swinn and first year apprentice Luke Gillott, The Academy was filmed too, while James State was instructing our five young men in plating skills.

Let us hope Caunton have helped in some small way to an improvement in the approach to national Apprentice Training
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