Caunton MD and Atkins Director of one voice on BIM

As reported in Caunton Web Site News 9th October 2013, Caunton Engineering’s MD Simon Bingham spoke at the SCI Annual Event at the Tower of London recently. The theme was “Design Integration – why does it matter?” Simon spoke on the subject on behalf of the steelwork contracting industry. He spoke about how a good design team is constituted, and described what steelwork sub-contractors want from it and why. He ran through some examples from Caunton Engineering projects, and highlighted the benefits his company has seen from an integrated design team and the use of BIM.
His message was to resonate particularly strongly with a senior consulting engineer in the audience. John Roberts is a director of Atkins and chair of Atkins Structural Network. John writes a most interesting blog entitled “Message from another lonely BIM planet” and he included an analysis and a confirmation of his appreciation of the points raised by Simon in his talk.

The blog can be read here.
How interesting and vital that these two important constituents of the structural industry should agree so strongly. The future for BIM is positive.
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